Post-Op Care for Your Dentures

Respect the adjustment period for your new dentures.

Ease into your daily routines with your new dentures. Eat softer foods first and practice speaking.

Be patient with the adjustment period for fit and adapting to your gums.

Return to your dentist within a recommended period of days for an adjustment and progress observation. Inform your dentist about any soreness, loose fit, difficulty chewing or speaking.

Brush your dentures daily inside and out. Use a soft tooth brush or recommended denture brush along with tooth paste or denture paste.

Soak your denture occasionally in a cleansing solution.

Avoid dropping your dentures while cleaning. Clean them over a sink of water or a soft wash cloth.

Schedule annual check-ups with your dentist to check fit, make adjustments, and assure proper gum and bone tissue health.

Sleep without your dentures if possible. This helps your gum tissue rest and avoid unnecessary irritation.

Contact your dentist with any questions about your existing or new dentures. Schedule your next evaluation appointment.